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gubble cheats



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Gubble cheats


gubble cheats


Note: These cheat codes only work with the full retail version.

1.At the Title Screen, type: GUBBLEDCHEAT
2.You will hear Gubble D. Gleep laugh, verifying that you entered the code correctly.

Now you can try the following:

>From anywhere on a map, you can press:

F3 --> Removes all blocks from the map
F9 --> Advances you to the next city map

>From a launch pad on a map, you can press:

PageUp --> Advances to the next level
PageDown --> Goes back to the previous level
Home --> Advances 10 levels
PageDown --> Goes back 10 levels

During play, you can press:

F8 --> Makes you Invincible! (Press F8 again to turn off invincibility)
F9 --> Completes any level
+ --> Speeds you up
- --> Slows you down


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