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hexen cheats



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Hexen cheats


hexen cheats

Type these while playing:

Demo ver.
BGOKEY - god mode
CRHINEHART - all weapons
BRAFFEL - 25 of each item
EBIESSMAN - pig mode
PMACARTHUR - version info
PLIPO xx - change class
SGURNO - 100% health
CSTIKA - kill all creatures
TMOORE - all puzzel items
JSUMWALT - XY co-ordinates
KSCHILDER - sound debug
RJOHNSON - no clipping
BPELLETIER xx - run script xx
RRETTENMUND - frame rate
REVEAL - map display
INIT - reload level

Full ver.

SATAN - god mode
NRA - all weapons
INDIANA - 25 of each item
DELIVERANCE - pig mode
???? - version info
ZELIG xx - change class
LOCKSMITH - all keys
CLUBMED - 100% health
BUTCHER - kill all creatures
SHERLOCK - all puzzel items
WHERE - XY co-ordinates
NOISE - sound debug
CASPER - no clipping
PUKE xx - run script xx
TICKER - frame rate
MAPSCO - map display
INIT - reload level

Here are some hints on what the artifacts do

Flechette - Green Bottle
Fighter - Throwable Hand Grenade-like Explosive
Cleric - Placeable, Explodes into a Poison Gas Cloud
Mage - Time Bomb

Icon of the Defender - Chess Piece
Fighter - Invulnerability / Repels Attacks / Invisibility
Cleric - Invulnerability / Repels Attacks / Invisibility
Mage - Invulnerability / Repels Attacks / Invisibility

Blue Rune Scroll - Scroll
Fighter - 100% Health
Cleric - Ability to Resurrect
Mage - 100% Health

Porkolator - Golden Pig Statue
Changes all Enemies into Pigs

Dark Servant - Maulator
Summons Maulotaur

Discs of Repulsion - Crosshairs
Repluses Enemies

Krater of Might - Glowing Chalace
Restores both Blue and Green Mana

Darchala's Chaos Device - Sheild with Red Cross (round)
Immediate Teleportation / Cancels Pig Spell

Banashment Device - Sheild with Red Cross (cross shaped)
Banishes Monsters

Boots of Speed - Running boots
Ability to Run fast

Dragon Skin Bracers - Arm Braclets
Adds 6 pts to Armor Class

Inhilicon's Wings of Wrath - Golden Winged Helmet
Temporary Flight

Mystic Urn - Tall White Urn
Full Health

Quartz Flask - Blue Flask
Adds 25% to Health

Torch - Torch
Extra Illumination


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