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jazz jackrabbit cheats



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Jazz Jackrabbit cheats


jazz jackrabbit cheats

In order to enable these cheats, first pause the game and hit the backspace key before you type in your codes.

Also, in some versions of the game, you have to type in the letters DD before each cheat.

SABLE - Turns Jazz red and boosts his speed.
CSTRIKE - Gives Jazz a flying surfboard
BAD - Gives you the escort bird.
DOOM - Makes enemies harder
KEN - Exit to DOS
HOOKER - No, not that you pervert. Collect a gem
MARK - Kills Jazz.
APPOGEE - 16 color version runs at half the speed
LAMER - skip the current level
HOCUS - Teleport around the currnet level
BOUF - Become invincible
GUNHED - Get all weapons and 100 rounds of ammo for each


Since all the codes are pretty much the same as in Jazz, listed
below are the differences. See Jazz Jackrabbit.

apogee - In xmas version, does nothing
arjani - points and an earthquake, among other things
greetz - shows lots of text, but not much else


During gameplay, type in these codes (single player game only):

jjgod - God mode
jjinv - God mode
jjguns - All weapons
jjammo - All ammo
jjrush - Sugar rush
jjfly - Helicopter ears, type again for hoverboard
jjk - Self destruct
jjshield - Power shield
jjnext - Level skip
jjlight - Fully light level
jjbird - Bird assistance
jjcoins - Get coins
jjgems - Get gems
jjending - Return to main menu
jjq - Quit to desktop
jjmorph - Change into Spaz, type again to become Bird, type again to become Frog, type a fourth time to change back to Jazz


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