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johnny bazookatone cheats



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Johnny Bazookatone cheats


johnny bazookatone cheats


Level 1 (Prison): ZARTACLA
Level 2 (Hotel): RINGMYBEL
Level 3 (Kitchen): SCRAMBLED
Level 4 (Hospital): ANASTHETIC
Level 5 (Penthouse): ETAGSLLEH


Level Select KRISTIAN

How to get to the bonus level:

At the beginning of the first level you start at the wall. Go to the right side of the wall (where it stops) and then jump up while holding the pad to the left. You will jump onto a secret walkway. Walk to the left and jump up again. You will come in the bonus level. Losing life in the bonus level does not effect your lives in the game so collect as much as you can get. When you have 1000 musicnotes collected you will get a extra life!.

Taken from Cheet Sheets 53 by Wayne Roberts


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