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journeyman project turbo cheats



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Journeyman Project Turbo cheats


journeyman project turbo cheats

Here are some access codes to get you past those tricky places.
Code - Location
J689489W5 The door to get to work
J0524133 Left Command Center Screen
J0291384 Right Command Center Screen

How to diffuse the time bomb:
In the Mars Colony, shield generator area when you're on the lift, click to retun to last position and to get to the bomb. Use the maintanence key to open the hatch. Some warnings will go off and say that there are explosives in the hatch. You will need to order the wire nodes to stop the bomb. the order of the color nodes is: Level 1: Green, Red, Yellow Level 2: Blue, Yellow, Red Level 3: Yellow, Blue, Green You can't waste much time. Your time left is on the top right of the lift panel.


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