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NHL 2000 cheats



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NHL 2000 cheats


NHL 2000 cheats

Codes must be entered while playing.

Cheat Code - Result
awaygoal - Gives Away Team a Goal
homegoal - Gives Home Team a Goal
zambo - Brings the Zamboni Out on the Ice During the Game
spots - Shows the Pre-Game Spotlights
penalty - Brings a Penalty to the Team Without the Puck
injury - Cause and Injury
victory - Fireworks
flash - Camera Flashes from Crowd
check - Auto Check on Contact with Opposing Player
grab - Auto Stick Hold on Contact with Opposing Player
mantis - Gives Players Elongated Arms, Legs, and Necks
nhlkids - Makes Players Smaller
quickftr - Faster Players
big fight - Entire Team Fights
bloody - Nasty Fights

Footnote for the "penalty" Code
Enable this code while your team has the puck to stop the other team and start a powerplay. Repeatedly enter the code to start an extended powerplay.

Victory Scream
Press [Big Deke] after scoring a goal or winning a fight. The player on your team that scored or won the fight will scream loudly.

Bonus Commentary
Scream three complete times after scoring a goal.

Free Powerplay
When you get into a fight DON'T touch anything and wait for the CPU to kick your butt after that he'll get a 5 minute major and 9 times out of 10 a game misconduct. You will also get a penalty, but don't worry, it'll only be a 2 minute minor for roughing.

No Power in Arena and Players Glow
Go to create player and name a player Y2K as first name and Bug as last. Put him on the team you want to be. Then go to Playoffs and name the playoffs as NHL2K and all the games will be with no lights on and players will glow like fireflies.

Taunt Opponent
When you score a goal or win a fight hold Z (Big hit/deke). Then you will hear the taunt. There are many taunts, have fun!

After installing the patch at go to the credits screen and type the following:

Cheat Code - Result
headbone - Big Heads
buffed - Big Players
gulliver - Huge Goalies
massrink - Giant Rink Surface
night - Dark Arena with Spotlights on Players
squeaky - High Pitched Commentators
barrywhite - Low Pitched Commentators
warp9 - Superfast Gameplay
slomo - Superslow Gameplay
zerog - Puck has no Friction


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