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operation stealth cheats



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Operation Stealth cheats


operation stealth cheats

After the meeting in the CIA HQ you fly to Santa Paragua the place
where it all happens. walk to the newspaperstand.

- examine coin return slot
- use coin on coin slot

after you got the newspaper, enter the toilet on the left and go
into the right toilet.

- examine newspaper

write down the country that has diplomatic relations with Santa
Paragua (e.g. France)

- operate briefcase
- take pen
- operate american passport
- take currency
- operate calculator
- use unused passport on opening
- operate button (until the country comes up)
- operate enter button
- operate briefcase

leave the toilet and go to the customs

- use passport on custom official (not the american passport)
- speak to welcome hostess
- examine telegram

write down the flightnumber and name, go to the left and go up

- use flight ticket on guard

go to the left and read the scroller and check that you have the correct
flight exit. examine the baggage until you found the correct bag.
(Mr. Martinez, flight 714) Don't take any other luggage.

- take baggage
- operate baggage

go to the right to the other toilets

- operate electric razor
- use electric cable on plug

write down the message (red carnation) leave the toilet and go to the custom
official (show your pass again) go to the left and wait at the taxi sign

- take taxi

go to the left and enter the banco, goto the counter

- use currency on bank accountant

leave the bank and goto the flowershop (to the right)

- use coin on florist
- take red carnation
- use red carnation on James

again goto the banco and

- use currency on bank accountant

leave the bank (SAVE GAME) and leave the screen upper left, goto the bench
and sit down. Watch the scene and go quickly to the bank after the shots.

- examine card and key (write down number)
- use card and key on bank teller

go down the stairs and enter the door. examine the safes until you find
the one mentioned above.

- use key on safe
- operate briefcase
- take little box
- take enveloppe (no names!)

- operate ground
- use ropes on piece of metal
- examine ground
- operate ground

now stand between the two rocks on the right and

- operate pickaxe (3 times)

now (SAVE GAME) you'll have to swim under the rocks. The red bar
indicates the oxygen level. Go up to get more. Mind the oxygen and go
to the entire right a few screens and you'll find yourself at in front
of the flower shop. Now go out of the water, go to the left and again
left under the banco and go down again to the man at the sea.

- speak man (3 times to get the price down)
- use coins on man

goto the hotel (up) and enter it.

- speak to receptionist

go to the left to the stairs and climb to the topfloor and walk to the
most right door.

- operate door (SAVE GAME)

on ship:

- operate bracelet (quick!)
- operate bracelet (after you landed in the ocean on the bottom)
- operate girl (?)

enjoy the sequence and (SAVE GAME) now you must get the keys out
of the labyrinths (2 of them) you should save the game after each

- operate hall door
- operate statue's arm
- use little box on safe door
- operate validation button

now push up/down buttons until the first led is corresponding to
the first digit, push the round button and match the same led's
together with the rest of the digits. If correct the red light

- operate validation button
- take little box
- push round button
- take envelope

(SAVE GAME) get the man on the waterscooter and dodge the sharks and the
russians (stay left). After you did a submarine will come to pick you up.
(SAVE GAME). It is important that you search the sea bottom for seaweed
until you find an elastic band. Swim to the entire right (dodging the

- examine (the right) palm tree
- operate palm tree
- operate button

go inside and walk to the right

- operate port hole (at last you found it)

in cage:

- use pen on lock
- use watch on (left) wall
- use watch on (right) wall

go to the right and

- operate grill

(SAVE GAME) now again some mazes, remember to save the game now and then.
Tough one but possible. After you get out and entered the toilet.

- operate soldier
- take clothes
- take napkin
- take glass
- use napkin on soldier
- take army boots
- take laces
- use laces on soldier

go down and to the left and enter the upper door

- open drawer
- examine drawer (until you find a blank stamp and laces)
- take laces
- use laces on James

go to the right and take the upper door

- examine clothes
- take mission instructions
- operate garbage dump
- take life boat
- use glass on fountain

leave and go up. the officer asks a glass of water, you go down
go up, go up, go to the left (SAVE GAME) and take the right door

- use full glass on officer
- take stamp (on table) (quick as he drinks)

leave, go to the right, go down and enter the door

- use stamp on ink pad
- use inked stamp on mission instructions

leave, go up

- operate cigarette case
- examine cigarette
- operate cigarette (with blue ring)
- use cigarette paper on glass
- use fingerprint on fingerprint ID

don't tough the beams!

- use authorized mission on mailbox. enter door.

- use electric cable on electric plug (on the right).
- use electric razor on trashcan (make sure it's on)

go to the right (SAVE GAME)

- use cigarette (with red ring) on computer (on the lower right)
- operate otto
- use compact disk on CD player (middle of screen)

go quick to the upper left door

- use elastic band on bomb (quick)
- operate lifeboat

enjoy and watch the show!

-=p THE END p=-


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