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seek and destroy cheats



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Seek And Destroy cheats

seek and destroy cheats


To activate these cheats hold down the keys of the name all at once

` DETH All enemies have only 1 hit point. (PT)
` AMO Gives you LOTS of ammo! (R)
` MEGA Gives choppers the best of all its weapons. (PO)
` LIFE Gives you LOADS of hit points immediately and (PT)
` for future phases.

Codes () P-Permanent, lasts for the rest of the game

T-Toggle. Hold down the keys again, and at the same time
hold down TAB, to turn the cheat off

R-Repeat. You can repeatadly keep doing this.

O-Once. Can only be done once and not toggled.
In Phase Select Screen
gimme Allows you to select any phase to play.

In The Shop
capo All future purchases are free until you leave the shop.
>From Main Menu

Immediately after selecting NEW GAME or RESUME, hold down left-shift, left-alt and left-control all at once and keep them down. You will get the chance to select a specific mission to play.


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