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sin cheats



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Sin cheats

sin cheats

First press the ~ key (just like in Quake and Q2). Then enter the code:

/health 999 - Health 999
/wuss - All weapons
/superfuzz - God mode
/nocollision - No clip mode
/wallflower - No target

Likewise for the heligun (bind to different key).

/spawn magnum - Gives the Magnum
/spawn shotgun - Gives the Shotgun
/spawn assaultrifle - Gives the Assaultrifle
/spawn rocketlauncher - Gives the Rocketlauncher
/spawn sniperrifle - Gives the Sniperrifle
/spawn heligun - Gives the big gun from the chopper

/spawn reactiveshields - Gives the ReactiveShield
/spawn rockets - Gives Rockets
/spawn coin - Gives a coin
/spawn health - Gives a healthpack
/spawn cookies - Gives a pack of cookies
/spawn lensflare - Makes a light-effect

Type in for two secret weapons:-

Go to the console (Press ~) and type: "Give Thrallgun" bind it to an easily accessable key 'M' eg. Bind M "use thrallgun" (has two modes of fire)

All are items that you can get via "/spawn <item>" :

ChainGun - chaingun (the one you get with the 5-key)
BlueCard - blue Identcard
OrangeCard - orange "
YellowCard - yellow "
GreenCard - green "
IdentCard - ??
Code - ??
KeyRing - small key
MoneyBag - bag from bank robbery
Dollar - coin
Evidence - papers with evidence
Decoder - ??
PulsePart1 - first part of Pulse Cannon
PulsePart2 - second "
PulsePart3 - third " (as soon as all three parts are picked up, the weapon is ready)
Chemsuit - protection suit
Blueprints - blueprints from constructionsite
U4 sample - sample from chemplant
Envelope -
Silencer - silencer for standard gun


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