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spear of destiny cheats



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Spear of Destiny cheats

spear of destiny cheats


Type JOSHUA and you'll get a reply...

Press M on the opening screen and you get a jukebox...

Cheat mode option (on command line):
sod -debugmode

Cheat mode activation:
Left Alt-Left Shift-Backspace

Cheat keys (press TAB with key):
B - Change Border color
C # - of doors, actors, food, etc
E - End level, advance to next
F - Find x, y coordinates and angle of you
G - God mode (invincibility) (Some versions you have to press F10 as well.)
H - Hit yourself
I - Add items to you
M - Memory useage
N - Clipping toggle (walk through walls) [v1.0]
O - Overhead map [v1.0]
P - Pause game
Q - Quick exit [may crash]
S - Slow-motion mode
V - Add VBLs [v1.1+]
W - Warp to level of choice
X - Add extra stuff [v1.1+]


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