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squynchian adventure cheats



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Squynchian Adventure cheats

squynchian adventure cheats



climb tree for staff.
ice - light pipe & put pipe on ice.
boulder - unroll carpet & put it under boulder & say rise.
orc - show him the gold bar, go north & throw the bar into the moat.
vial - pin nose with clothespin before getting it.
scale - drop everything u can take on the scale (including the plaque)
the pail needs to be filled for extra weight.
put the block in the pail before filling it on the bridge.
coin - wrap coin with wrapper & pick it up.
ogres - give coin.
glass - cut with crown (for some reason this works only after u have
closed & bolted the gates with ur staff)
beast - give meat.
put ruby on crown & wear crown.

***** DONE *****

vase - break it for a sales tag.



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