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star wars episode 1: racer  cheats



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Star Wars Episode 1: Racer cheats

star wars episode 1: racer cheats


At the screen where you buy new parts for your POD, press [Shift] + [F4] + 4 for an extra $1000. Note: This may only be done five times.

3000 Smackers!:
When you are in the buy parts place, get to what you want and then (in this order) press "ctrl"-"f4"-"4". Note: looks like other code but is not, so press "ctrl" not "shift".

Race as Sebulba:
Successfully complete the Galactic Circuit to unlock Sebulba at the racer selection screen.

Taunt opponent:
Select tournament mode. Highlight "Start Race" and press [Space] at the menu. An intermission that features your character and opponent taunting each other will appear. Note: This will not work if your character is the track favorite.