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starsiege tribes cheats



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Starsiege Tribes cheats

starsiege tribes cheats


Fun with Teammates
If you want an interesting way to badly maim or kill your own team, then I suggest using one of the tips below. In Raindance, get into the large Rocket Turret in front of your base. Wait until someone gets in a scout(works best) or any other vehicle. Hit them once as it appears on the vehicle pad then as they hit the throttle to full speed to try to get away hit them again. If done right, the scout or other vehicle will explode and they will continue "flying" which is good if you are getting bored. Although I warn you, after a couple minutes of doing this, the team will come after you! But it is still hilarious to watch the little green arrow pointing to your teammate flying into the distance.

Special Voices
Type one of the following entries at the chat feature.


Equipment Tips
The plasma gun is a must -- its high power and rapid fire make for a tremendous weapon once you penetrate the enemy base. The grenade launcher is also very powerful and versatile. The blaster is weak for most combat -- you will often find yourself blown apart by the enemy's plasma gun or disc launcher.

The repair pack should be distant third choice for most gamers. The energy pack offers a increased range of flight and can keep you alive as most opponents cannot hit you in air. The second choice should be the shield pack, especially for players that have use the "action hero" approach and go off on their own. Properly used, its effects are devastating.

Grenades and beacons are very valuable to any player class. Dropping a few grenades while hovering over an opponent is a great way to walk away from the fight. Beacons are great for marking a target for a heavy teammate to blast with the mortar.

Avoid moving too slow
If you have a player using "heavy armor" you will need an energy pack just to get out of your base. Using medium armor with a shield pack is suggested so you can take just as many hits without being very slow.


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