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star trek: armada 2 cheats



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Star Trek: Armada 2 cheats


star trek: armada 2 cheats

Type enter and write:
avoidance - fast crew production
youstopmecold - fast ship build
canofwhoopass - better ship AI
kobayashimaru - skip mission

Add Dilithium
Hit [ENTER] to bring up the comm screen,
then type "showmethemoney" to add 2000 dilithium.

Cheat Method
Open the RTS_CFG.H file. Go to the line under difficulty
settings and modify the line to says what you want.
// // DIFFICULTY SETTINGS // // Damage coefficients for
incoming damage for user in single player float
EASY_DAMAGE = 0.5; float HARD_DAMAGE = 2.0;

If you set it to 0 your ships will not be damaged.
However some nebulas still damage the ships if you
leave them in it to long.

Increase Officers
To increase the amount of officers just change the
following line in the RTS_CFG.h file for Armada II from 600 to 999.

// the max value that officer capacity can be in a single
player game, and default in multiplayer game.

NOTE: Always make a backup before editing files.

star trek: armada 2 cheats end


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