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street fighter zero cheats



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Street Fighter Zero cheats

street fighter zero cheats

This cheat will enable the character named Dan in the game. To enable Dan, just simple press SPACEBAR and ENTER.

Kwong Chiew Kit.

Street Fighter Zero

Well, i just got some time to try out this new release from CAPCOM, and of course i wanted it's cheats. To make things easier, set up your keyboard keys as:
3 X Punch = /
3 X Kick = *
Select = Space Bar

Put the cursor selector in the RANDOM selector in the fighter select menu. Press and hold the designed key to select your fighter:

AKUMA (GOUKI) = 3X KICK + Punch or Kick button
M. BISON (VEGA) = 3X PUNCH + Punch or Kick button
DAN HIBIKI = SELECT + Punch or Kick button

By the way, when you do this cheat using PUNCH button, you select 'normal' color for your character. Pressing kick button, you select 'second' color for your character.

Street fighter zero bug

Go to options, set time to 99. Use any chracter and play when you start fighting, wait for awhile,and the word timeover will apper. the first player will win if you are not hit

Street fighter zero

Now people know how to play as secret characters, but how do u actually get to play against them in arcade mode? U can only play against either Akuma or Dan. Here's how:

Against Akuma : Put the difficulty level higher than 5 stars. Next, get at least 10 super finishes in a game. U can lose rounds, but DON'T lose a match. U will fight him in the final match b4 the boss of that character.

Against Dan : This is not very difficult. Just choose the same quote after every match u won. Choosing quotes are the problem. I'm not sure but try pressing up or down, together with 3xpunch or 3xkick right after the final round. Keep holding.

U can fight these 2 in the versus mode, but they play VERY differently. Akuma is way way better in arcade mode, and he can wipe the floor with anybody really fast! O, u get only one chance.

Eric Liew Kong Hoe


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