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Super Heroes of Hoboken cheats



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Super Heroes of Hoboken cheats

Super Heroes of Hoboken cheats


Superheros of Hoboken solve and stuff.
written by Dox Xavage with help from Vector.

Subway Passes and destinations
BLUE Atlantic City Lower New Brunswick
BROWN Rockfeller Center Market Upper
SILVER Middletown Market Lower
RED Newark Lower Philadelphia Lower
GREEN Empire State Bldg. New Haven
PURPLE Poughkeepsie Yonkers
YELLOW Huntington Grand Central
ORANGE Philadelphia Upper Atlantic City Upper
GREY Newark Upper Scranton Upper
GOLD Scranton Lower Buffalo

H = Hostel, A = Armory, W = Weaponry, S = Shaman, M = Merchant, B = Brothel

Jersey City 2C 12,8 W,A
East Orange 2C 7,11 A
Hackensack 2D 13,6 W,S
Paterson 2D 8,8 A,W,M
Bernardsville 1C 5,8 A,S
Morristown 1D 9,1 W,B
Piscataway 1B 12,7 A,M
Princeton 1A 1,10 W,M
Freehold 2A 2,4 S,A,H,B
Staten Island 2B 8,10 H,W,M
Huntington 4D 12,5 M,A,B
Yonkers 3D 6,9 M,S
Mineola 4C 1,9 H,W

Scranton -- 4,11 H,S,A
Poughkeepsie -- 12,8 H,M,A
Buffalo -- 14,7 H,A,M
Buffalo -- 4,9 M,S,W

Misc. Places to Visit
Headquarters 2C 13,9
Liberty Statue 2C 13,6
Newark Airport 2C 7,6
Newark 2C 6,8
Paterson Warlrd 2D 9,9
Computer Temple 2D 7,10
Edison's Lab 2C 4,12
Guacamole Fctry 1C 4,5
Washington's 1C 9,12
Pisc. Warlord 1B 13,9
Wheel Temple 1B 11,7
Princeton 1A 1,9
Subway 1B 2,12
Cab Company 2A 1,2
JFK Airport 3C 10,3
Belmont Park 3C 13,7
Shea Stadium 3C 7,10
Uptown NYC 3C 1,11
Downtown NYC 3C 1,10
Yonkers Park 3D 6,7
Subway 3D 5,10
Huntington Wrld 4D 12,6
Subway 4D 12,3

Atlanctic City Trump Casino 4,4
Subway 16,7

New Haven Wiseman 7,12
Science Museum 2,9
Yale 8,3
Subway 9,7

Philadelphia Ben Franklins 6,5
Liberty Bell 10,6
Health Club 14,8
Sewers 7,1
Subway 5,8

Poughkeepsie Warlord 16,7
Subway 3,6

Scranton Highschool 6,5
Elvis Temple 1,10
Banannas 15,9
Subway 11,8

Newark Subway 9,10
Chilis 10,2

Uptown NYC Subway 12,7
Vault 15,5

Downtown NYC United Nations 16,9
Grand Central 10,8
Radio City 5,12
Times Square 3,9
Empire Bldg 7,3

Buffalo Tonawanda Warlord 16,8
Chippawa Warlord 1,6
Niagra Falls 3,11
Farmer Ben 7,6
Rest Station 12,1
Subway 15,1
Chippawa Army 4,7
Tonawanda Army 12,8

Mission Solutions
If you don't pick up everything thats not nailed down, you'll never be
able to solve these missions. If its not food or isotopes, buy it from
the merchant in the yellow tent.

Mission Set 1
Cheese Bomb- buy some cheese spray and spray the bomb.
Rabid Sheep- buy some sheep-b-gone and spray the sheep.
Chilis- Use Iron Tummy's super power.
Broken Computer- break the plant pot and take the magnet.
Edison- Use the cloth from the chilis on the sheep drool and car fluid
and use it on the wall at Edison's lab. Then use clean any mess
and pull the plug.

Mission Set 2
Guacamole- take out the 98watt bulb and put in the 100 watt bulb.
Superheros- use the big gun on the playboys. (or the crate) You might
need Pepperoni with you.
Warlord- put the magnet where the bust is.
Silly Putty- wear the overalls and talk to the old man.
Edison- give the coal, avacado, paperweight, and silly putty egg to the
collector. Then use the transmitter with the sinatra tape.

Mission Set 3
First find the Nitros Oxide and the Fur coat and give the oxide to the
shaman. Its at the Huntington Warlord's place.

Cat in the Bell- put the rubber tube in the crack and put the oxide can
on the other end of the tube and shake the can.
Museum- put the coat rack on the spot.
Radiation- buy some lead pants and bring them to the city.
Wheel of Fortune- go to a service and hide under the altar. Look near
the knot for the loose board and take it. Then cut the
wire with the wire cutters.
Edison- use the 4 tokens at the Belmont park and use the glue factory sign
on the signposts.

Mission Set 4
Philadelphia- find the diet book in the sewers.
Flushing Superheros- use the whistle.
Yale/Princeton- get the washingmashine and put it on the right spot. Wait
for the Yale dudes to show up and listen by the big
dish. Then go tell Princeton about what they said.
Religious cult- go to where entropy is and use the aluminum eating vial on
the safe/strongbox. Give the ball to the people at
Times Square.
Edison- use the four knobs on the case with the corpse in it.

Mission Set 5
Poughkeepsie Warlord- dress as George Washington and talk to him.
Huntington Warlord- get the video under the table leg and bring it to
NYC turf- get the music sheet from the shaman and practice it. (while in
Manhatten, or maybe Radio City) Play the music you practiced on
the grand piano. Open the sand bag and give the idols to the
Freehold Shaman- talk to the shaman, hardware, hostel, brothel, shaman,
and then the brothel. Show the rate sheet to the right
person. Use Midas to make a muffler and another muffler
and give the fur coat and muffler to the madam.
Atlantic City- play the casino machines with the chips you found. Use the
termite hatchery with the termite eggs.

Mission Set 6
First visit Atlantic City and watch Geraldo's grave be unearthed.

Cultist- put the paperclip on the electrodes and the gum on the hose
and pull the switch.
Staten Island Hostelry- use the fold maps super power.
NYC sewers- kill the 15 allagators.
Elvis Cult- put the Enquirerers in the news bin at the city near the
Andy the cool android- use the uranium, poop, and the cone and mushroom
soup in the beer can. Give Andy the beer.

Final Mission
First visit Scranton and check out the accident. Use the super power of
ten on the banannas. (Until you can carry them)

Go to the Hostelry in Middletown and get the mastercard in the tray.
Use the gold card to go to Buffalo. Go to the merchant (4,9) and buy
the isotope that gives you the super power of beaver jaws. Go to the
rest station and chop down the tree with the beaver jaws super power.
Then use the super power of 10 to enlarge the tree. Go to Niagra and
get the barrel at the bottom of the falls. Go to 8,6 to meet the
two armies and get the plow and pruner sheers from them. Go to Farmer
Ben's and give him the barrel, plow, and pruner sheers. He then gives
you the elevator key.

Now go to the Empire State building in Lower NYC and use the elevator.
Next use the super power of 10 a few times to make 30,000 pounds of
banannas. Then turn off the projector.


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