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syndicate series cheats



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Syndicate Series cheats

syndicate series cheats


To enter the codes you have to rename your team whatever cheat you want to use.

NUK THEM - Select any contry on the map
TO THE TOP - Try it for yourself
ROB A BANK - Gives money
COOPER TEAM - Get money and items
WATCH THE CLOCK - Speeds up the clock

Syndicate Plus

Here are the cheats that work (Type them as company names):

COOPER TEAM = Lots of money, upgrades and play any country. NUK THEM = Play any country
ROB A BANK = Lots of money
WATCH THE CLOCK = Makes time go faster so research is finished quicker.

Syndicate Wars

Type in POOSLICE as your name to enable the cheats. You should hear a wierd noise. Then you can change the name back to whatever you want.

At research screen
O - Adds more options to the research screen
U - Finish a days worth of research

During the game
ALT-C - Complete the level
ALT-T - Teleport active agent to cursor location
SHIFt-Q - Full weapons and health


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