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zombie wars cheats



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Zombie Wars cheats


zombie wars cheats

Before using the cheat codes you must activate the cheat system. Simply follow these easy steps:

1) At the Select Difficulty Level screen hold down the TAB key and press the CTRL key.
2) At the Select Player screen type: robisagod
You should hear a sound effect. Cheat mode is now active!
3) To turn on any of the following cheats, type the cheat name while in the game.

Invincibility ---- BEAGLE
Blood Code ---- GIVEBLOOD
Rescue All Hostages ---- RESCUE
Warp To The Next level ---- GETMEOUT
Display Hidden Areas ---- INFRARED
Turn On All Weapons ---- KICKASS
Cut To The End Game Scene ---- GEEWHIZ

Easter Eggs

Secret Marine:
Hidden in the game is a secret character called Agent Squiggly. To play as Squiggly type SQUIGGLY at the Select Player screen and press the up arrow. Agent Squiggly is now ready for action!


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